Your Logistic Provider


In order to provide high-quality services to our valued clients we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in logistics to offer our potential in providing following services:

Service List


We are determined to deliver the procurement needs of clients in a cost-effective manner with quality and delivery time assured nationwide. Our team is highly competitive in supplying of consumer procurement needs connected with food and non-food items, i.e. lubricants, fuel, generators, mechanical spare parts, electronics, computers, telecommunication, IT equipments, construction materials, kitchen equipments, blankets, mattresses, stationary and furniture. We also provide security materials and military uniforms.



We provide a variety of value added transportation services to our clients throughout the country, i.e. office vehicles, armored vehicles, loading trucks, liftgage equipment and construction machinery based on mutual agreements.




We have several locations nationwide which enable us to be extremely competitive and cost-effective in providing warehousing and storage of goods services for our clients in various locations.




Our embroidery professional team has extensive experience of embroidery. So far the embroidery section of Afsun group has maintained the standard procedures to bring highest quality of production to customers and overall in market.